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Underhill Fiber Mill

Underhill Fiber Mill

Jenny Smith

50 Wilson rd. Gorham Me. 04038

(207) 756-0076 email:

Fiber Processing Services

Information & Pricing Effective July 12, 2021

We specialize in processing small batches of fiber into roving and batts for spinning and felting and into worsted, DK, and sport weight two-ply yarns. White, natural colored, and dyed fibers can be processed. Dyed fibers are run seasonally. The weight of any added blending fibers we supply will be added to the incoming weight.

Fleeces need to be well skirted – NO hoof, no tags and as little vegetation as possible, i.e. don’t put anything in the bag that you don’t want back in your roving or yarn. Just because you bought a fleece preskirted does not mean it is fine, please check it! We reserve the right to reject fiber not suitable for processing.

Extra charges. If we have to skirt your fleece there is a minimum $25 fee. $50 for extra dirty or large fleeces. Skirting lessons are free, please ask for one!

There is a $30 charge for any fleece that contains equipment damaging hoof or other foreign objects. Spinning yarns other then what is listed may incure extra charges.

We accept washed fiber. We can provide washing instructions for you. Water should run clear on the last rinse and fiber must be free of any tacky or waxy feeling when dry. Absolutely no scented soaps! When dry the fiber should not smell like the soap you used. If the fiber we receive is not clean enough to process, or has any residual perfume scent, we will re-wash and you will be charged the raw processing fee.  Extra washing fees will apply to fiber with scented soaps. 

You will receive confirmation of receipt of your fiber via email. Upon completion of your order we will notify you of the total charges (processing fees plus tax). We accept cash, personal checks, money orders, paypal, and accept Visa and MasterCard. No fiber will be shipped without full payment.

All Pricing is Based on Incoming Weight per Batch

These are all cash prices. A price increase is happening soon. Sorry. 

Fees are charged at ¼ pound increments.

Washing only. $8 per pound for regular wools. Add $4 per pound if they need extra washing due to grease or scent residues. 

Carding into Roving or Batts – includes picking & carding

No minimum weight but the minimum charge is for 1 pound. Finished roving has no twist, and is approximately 3/4 – 1 ½ inches in diameter depending on fiber type. It is packaged loosely in plastic bags. Roving and batts made of 100% exotic fibers are fragile.

Raw Fiber: (includes washing)

$17.00 per pound medium wool, mohair, alpaca, llama.

Washed Fiber:

$15.00 per pound medium wool, mohair, alpaca, llama.

Additional charges:

Add $4.00 per pound for extra greasy  wools: usually, but not limited to, Merino, Rambouillet, Columbia, Baby Doll, Cormo, CVM and some shetlands.  

Add $2.00 per pound for blending: silk, angora, merino, tencel, bamboo, etc.

Spinning - includes washing, picking, carding, spinning, and coning

We cannot spin any fiber longer than 6 inches as normal yarn, or any fiber under 2.5”.  (Over 6” may spin as a Lopi style yarn.) Extra charges may aply. The fee includes washing, picking, carding, spinning, plying a 2 ply yarn. Minimum weigh charged is for 4 pounds. We will spin less, but the charge will be for 4 pounds.

The yards per pound versus diameter of yarn varies greatly depending on fiber type (i.e. 800 yards per pound of 100% mohair or alpaca will be much smaller in diameter than wool at 800 yards per pound). Just remember that natural fibers somedays do as they darn well please, we will do our best to make them mind. We can spin 100% fine wools: Merino, Rambouillet, Columbia, Baby Doll, Cormo, CVM, and their crosses, but they may give inconsistent results. Looking more “homespun” then mill spun. They will often spin smoother as blends, ask us for your options. If you have these fleeces feel free to contact us, we may be in mood for a challenge. 

Our standard yarn is designed as a soft spun knitting yarn, contact us for specifics for a firmer yarn for weaving warps or other specialty uses. Extra charges may apply.  Our yarn sizes are determined under tension, by weight. We do out best to insure they are still accurate after washing and relaxing, however natural fibers have their own bounce back ratio that is hard to predict. Leaving what measures as a light sport under tension a fat bouncy dk after washing and relaxing. Fine wools are the hardest to predict. (This is why I say they don’t mind their manners some days!)

Size of Yarn




Reg Sport

Light sport.

Lopi style 















 Add $2.00 per pound for blending. Add $4 per pound for fine fleeces.

Skeins of specific yardage: $4.00 per pound

   I will spin yarns other then listed, tweed, heathered, or other oddball stuff. Just ask. 

All yarns will have some spinning oil in them which can be washed out before or after using, yarn will have a softer and fuller look and feel after washing. We recommend knitting, crocheting, or weaving a sample and washing it to determine the best gauge or sett to use for your project.

Please Note: Fiber/yarn from accounts unpaid after 30 days of notification will become the property of Underhill Fibers. Prices subject to change. A 50% deposit will ensure you receive the price stated at the time a deposit is received.

A 6% service tax will be applied to all processing cost

Fresh from the mill yarn care

If you get your yarn back on cones, know that the yarn is under tension and contains spinning oils. When you wind off a sample it will fluff and change diameter as it relaxes. It is very important to make a sample to check gauge. The sample must be washed and allowed to relax before checking the gauge.

If you get back yarn in skeins, each bundle contains three skeins, 200 yards each unless noted otherwise. This yarn still has the spinning oils and mill dust. Please wash each skein to bring the yarn to its fullest beauty.

Washing yarn fresh from the mill is easy. Just soak in plain warmish water until fully wet and wring out the excess water and let air dry. The yarn will be more relaxed, softer and will have a better hand all clean and dry. 

To be added to each bag of fleece

Underhill Fiber Mill

Jenny Smith

50 Wilson Rd. Gorham, ME 04038

(207) 756-0076


Please enclose a set of these instructions in each box/bag.

Date: __________

Name __________________________________

Telephone _______________

Mailing Address________________________________________



Zip ____________


Number of Boxes Shipped ____

Approximate weight of fiber _____________

Deposit amount _________________

Fiber Type/s: ______________________________________________________

(please include breed/species, if known)

Blending/Special Instructions: __________________________________________________________________

(i.e. all fiber in box 1 to be blended together, box 2 blend white only together, process brown together. Breaks in fleece or other weirdness)

Please circle service/s you are requesting:

Washing: Medium Wool, Alpaca, Llama, Mohair,

Fine Wool

Carding:      Roving       Batts

Spinning:    Worsted     DK     Reg Sport     Light sport   Lopi     Other

Put Up:

Cones _________

Size of skeins in yards _________

  Standard size is 200 yards. Bulky and lopi 100yrds. 

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