UnderHill Fibers - Fine Fibers and Handspun Yarns
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We are now a FIBER MILL!!  Or are working twords being one soon:-) 

We will be carding dyed fibers in December. If you have any please let me know soon!
Underhill Fibers is focused on providing high-quality fibers, Happy livestock and customer satisfaction. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! Visitors by appointment are very welcome, just call first to be sure a human will be around to give you the full guided tour. We are usually here, but it is best to make sure!
We have a variety of fiber animals and their fibers. Registered Pygora goats, Cormo and Cormo crosses, Finn crossed sheep, French X German Angora rabbits and other livestock. Hand spinning fibers, custom bats,  handspun yarns, and hand made products are available. 
Sheep have lambed, goats have kidded, rabbits have kindled. Time to come pick out your new fiber producers!
Spring fair season has come and gone.  A breif pause before the fall fairs begin:-).  See us at the Acton and Windsor fairs. August, Fri 25, and Sat 26 at the Acton Fair and dates to be determined at the Windsor fair. We will be at the Common ground fair Sept 22-24, Cumberland fair the following week, and Fryeburg fair Oct 3+4 and 6+7+8.  

We are entering into a lease with FriendsFollyFarm.com to purchase their fiber mill.   I am now taking in a limited amout of wool for proccesing. Raw fleece to washed roving or yarn.  Soon to be a full time fiber mill!  Email or call for more info. I will update this website with more detailed info soon.  
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. They will be sporadic  I am sure:-)

There is now a facebook page for  Underhillfibers. Find us and like us :)
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